Our People

Our team consists of accredited FM professionals, engineers and artisans in various professional disciplines.

FM Solutions believes that staff development and growth is fundamental to the success of our business performance.   Over and above the skills, experience and qualifications of our people, we consider behavioural competency and interpersonal skills vital criteria for the people we employ, simply because we believe we can teach skill but cannot teach attitude.

We are highly skilled in Section 197 transfers and through skills alignment of staff transferred to us, we create career path and growth plans to align staff with our service culture.

Within our group of companies we have one of the first accredited FM training academies in South Africa.  As we contribute to the content of their training programmes, they are our preferred academy to empower and drive our service culture.

Our Quality Assurance

 We offer strong leadership and sophisticated management technology and systems to provide a quality service that is agile and focused to achieve value and best practice for our clients.