What are technical services?

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Technical facility management encompasses the management and maintenance of all of a building's technical systems. Examples of technical services include: heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical systems, plumbing, elevators, fire alarm systems, crane systems, doors, gates, building fabric maintenance, mechanical services, and utility efficiency

What are facilities management business support services?

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Business support services streamline and optimise client business processes. This enables clients to focus on their core business objectives while simultaneously benefitting from shared support services. Hiring fulltime employees for such business support services can be costly. Often companies outsource these services that include: [...]

How does facilities management support compliance in health and safety?

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Facilities management uses data to better manage and respond to health and safety related incidents. It monitors all risks related to tasks performed, builds all health and safety regulations into procedures, and reviews compliance in accordance with health and safety regulations. If a facilities [...]

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